Day 5

Friday is when I normally hit a wall. And today was no exception. AFter 4 straight days of 15 hour days in the barn, and very poor sleep- I am emotionally and physically exhausted and ready for the weekend. The barn is closed on Saturday and then reopens on Sunday and I hope to take tomorrow off to regroup and rest.

At 10 pm tonight I finished sewing together the knot quilt. It is probably the most difficult construction I have ever done. I opted out of sewing a different exercise- to create 24 pieces of 14" x 36" fabric by striping different fabrics together. UGH. So Nancy agreed to let me continue to work on this independently which is both great and a bit scary. It is also hard to be off doing my own thing- but I really HATE piecing and do not use it often in my work.

I spent 1 1/2 hours this morning doing color studies-and on Sunday will start the study again in color. Just the thought of all that piecing again has me quaking- but I think I learned a good process for how to attempt to sew the piece together.

I showed my work. It was received very well- Nancy especially liked 2 of my rust quilts- and after the public showing I asker her for a detailed crit of my work. She agreed to give me one and said she would be tough on me- and I suspect she is going to say that 2 of the quilts really work- the two I also think are the best- and that the rest are not at the same level. It makes me nervous to think what she might say- but that is exactly why I am here- to be pulled apart by a master. So while i am in a sense worried about what she is going to say- I know it will be valuable. I know I am at a certain level or she would not have let me work on this independent study-

The feedback from the rest of the ladies was really very positive- but somehow that does not seem to matter to me- although it should. 

I am not sure what I will do tomorrow for the day off- probably some antiquing, reading, catching up on the news and an afternoon nap sounds wonderful. I really miss David today and regret not having him up here for the weekend- but I know that after one day I will have to get back into the barn again to complete the week. I just hope I have the stamina to get though it. I am really really tired.