Ice storm sabbatical

I am not officially on my sabbatical, but today during the ice storm, I worked at home. Reworked a position paper for a project I am working with Johnny and Greg A. And wrote performance reviews for all the partners. 

Mostly got used to the silence. Did not turn on my itunes or radio. Limited my phone time with Lance, and got a preview of what my sabbatical might sound like. Very very quiet. I avoided the temptation to go upstairs to work on any sewing since today is a work day. And, I made a promise to myself not to cook anything for dinner before 4:30- since that would take time away from Grafik work.

I work harder at home. I do not allow myself to take time for lunch, or surf the net or talk to anyone- must be that work ethic that makes me feel guilty working at home. So I work so much harder. I wonder what it will be like being at home when I don't have to work. I bet I will probably just clean the house instead!
by JudyK