In the beginning

In the beginning there was a black comb. It was my father's and everyday he would remove it from his pocket and put it in exactly the same place on his desk- every day- And it was really not a good idea to touch that comb. And somehow my father always knew if someone had touched it. 

I have been sewing since junior high school. I was on a tight allowance and it was one way for me to expand my wardrobe- I sewed instead of bought. And I have continued to sew. About 4 years ago, while rifling through old copies of Threads magazine I came upon an article about Nancy Crow- a master quilter/artist. Thanks to the web I was able to search her out and  found out she gave classes in an old barn she renovated in Columbus Ohio. Three years ago I took my first class with her and it really changed my sewing/art in a profound way.  Check out her website at nancycrow.com

Last year, I showed Nancy my comb quilt. She challenged me to spend the year just working on comb quilts, and I have. In this way I have been able to get much closer to my father and to express the joy and sadness I have felt during his battle with cancer.  Here is my first comb quilt.
by JudyK