A photo for Ava

I  was sitting here quilting Cancer Comb 3 and had to stop and laugh as I looked on the reverse side of the quilt. It is so not Ava. 
My sister, over the years, has become one of my best friends. But we are so completely different. She is a marathon runner- I would be happy sitting. She is thin and dresses in clothes from Talbotts. I would not be caught dead in her clothes, and let's just say I could never fit in any of her clothes either. 
She loves cats- I love dogs. Her idea of a great meal is a green salad and chicken (again) and I love anything new. She bakes and hates to cook. I cook and hate to bake. But in all the important ways we are exact copies of each other. We love family. We know what is important in life, and we are both senitimental to a fault.

Last December when I was in Ann ARbor preparing for Max's graduation party, we pulled out some old sewing projects of hers, and she asked me to teach her how to quilt. Ava does beautiful cross stitching- the kind of sewing that would drive crazy. You can look at a piece that Ava quilts and not know which side is the right side- since her backs are as beautiful as her tops. This is all stems from learning sewing from my Aunt Nomi- who always told us that the inside of a garment had to be as beautiful as the outside. That you should be able to turn a piece of clothing inside out and be able to wear it. Well, Ava listened better than I did!

So when I was teaching Ava how to quilt, she kept asking- how can I sew this so one line of stitching never crosses another- since that it the proper way of cross-stitching. I had no idea. I told her to loosen up- not to worry- just stitch away. I have a feeling that was the last time she picked up that quilting. Today, looking at the back of my quilt, I thought of Ava, and laughed.
by JudyK