An ordinary Monday

It is just plain wrong to start out my sabbatical sitting in a dentist chair- but that is just what I did. Something terribly masochistic spending my first day getting fitted for a toothguard so I do not let my teeth wear down to nothing.
And tomorrow I spend my second day at the doctors having blood drawn.

But I did exercise and run a zillion errands and managed to stay totally out of the studio, which is so not the point of this sabbatical. But I had tons to do to get ready for Belize, and get the house protected so my son does not destroy it while we are gone. That meant buying more food than anyone can eat in 2 weeks.

I also tore through the house looking for binoculars- found them and they were broken, and tried to pull out summer clothes- which meant going into my attic and trying to find the box where it is all stored. I was not successful.

Oh- and I did do some sewing on a quilt that I have been thinking about for a while. I pieced this one months ago- but never stitched to top to the back. So at least I sewed for an hour. Not a good record...

But I did not call the office- although I was tempted. I did not reply to email- except for one or two, I did not call a client, or a partner- although I almost called Lynn and Lance. And for the most part- except for reading through some Hobbs Straus that I have to do tomorrow- I did not think of the office too much. Well- maybe just a little.