Belize and Barley

Well, scratch the idea of writing a blog in Belize. Not only was there no wifi, but sometimes there was no electricity. Left my camera with Jody, so there are no photos yet. 
If we had to sum up our ten days in Belize using only verbs:
horseback riding
reef fishing
canoeing through caves
climbing Mayan ruins
scuba diving ( only Jody)
drinking (way too much rum)

I can't even think about how much we did and will have to relay the tidbits over the next few days. Had a wonderful time, and even got to sew in between spotting toucans.

Picked out the puppy today. God what a hard choice. Naturally I was sure I made the wrong choice- but we went for a quieter puppy who we have named Barley. The photos below say it all! He is more laid back like David- and kind of sleepy- but David calls it philosophical. It only took me 2 1/2 hours to pick between 5 puppies, since we did not opt for first pick since it was a lot more $$. Now I am just excited to get this cutie pie home- in two weeks. 
by JudyK