Tuesday mornings my house is taken over by Sandra- who miraculously appears, cleans the house and disappears- like an elf. I have always liked the invisible relationship- or lack of relationship- and I have managed to avoid a lot of the drama that has existed with other housekeepers. So faced with Tuesday morning, I decided that this is a perfect time to do the errands that I normally cram into Saturdays.
Armed with a list, I went to the post office, picked up dry cleaning, dropped off an auction donation at our synagogue,  and did a food shopping. It was a perfectly fine way to spend a morning, especially since I was not calculating how many minutes this was taking me away from sewing. And it kept me out of Sandra's way.

Maybe this is what most working mom's need- just one extra morning a week- 5 hours should do- to take care of all the errands that are really not all that bad, but that seem horrible when they are taking you away from what you want to do.

Cancer Comb 3
I finally finished Cancer Comb 3 last night. I only have to add a hanging sleeve and it will be done. I have been living with this quilt for about 6 months now- and now- it is ready to be put away. It's time to roll it up on a long tube, and stow it away in my quilt drawer. This one will be tricky to put away since it is so three dimensional and I have to figure out a way not to have portions crushed.

I have a strange relationship with my quilts- for months or weeks on end they occupy lots of my thoughts- then almost like they are being thrown out by a new girlfriend- another piece takes over my interest and passion. I hate to put them away- but the last 2 quilts I have worked on are way too large to hang in my house- and too emotional for me to look at everyday. 
by JudyK