Feeling puny. Making progress.

I must have caught Lance's cold. Woke up at 5 am and felt sneezy and stuffy and generally puny. Since it was too early to do much of anything I went downstairs and cleaned out 5 of the kitchen drawers. The day started sadly as I read of the death of Joan Challinor's husband- David. They were married for 56 years and David was an amazing man. Joan was a client and a friend and a character a long time ago. I suspect she is still a character. She pops into my life every now and then, and I always welcome hearing from her.

After a few hours of exercising, running errands and thinking about going back to bed, I went back into my studio and did what I call " stupid sewing." This is the boring part of quilting and depending on what I am working on, it can be quite mind-numbing. I am finishing up a piece that I did with Nancy last year- but the machine quilting part is just taking so much time. I really like the design and it really symbolizes the intersections of my many lives. I have been thinking about giving it as a wedding present to a very very dear friend's daughter since the quilt reminds me of J and D,  but I am always nervous about giving my work away. It seems so presumptuous.

Most of my quilts have an emotional component to them and many of them revolve around the  reactions I have had to my father's bout with cancer. When my father is doing well, my quilts are happier, and when he has bad news, my quilts deal more with the intrusions that cancer makes on our lives.  In all of the quilts, I have used the comb to symbolize my dad (see the first entry in my blog).

The news today was not so good, but already i have started a series of sketches. So while today was an achy kind of day, with news that was not so good, it did stir the creative juices. Funny how that is....
by JudyK