Getting ready for Belize

Started the morning off by having my Dr. take some blood. Trust me- always ask the nurse to do it. Even the good dr. apologized for "torturing" me. But by 9:30 I was on my way, equipped with an extensive to-do list to get ready for our trip. 
In record time, the model of efficiency was able to buy binoculars, get all my sundries from CVS, get a special toggle to repair my suitcase, and go to the post office to mail my taxes. So far, this sabbatical is me doing errands. And my sewing today was fixing a broken tote bag!

That is, until I finished everything and decided to park my now-starving body at a Caribou Coffee.

The highlight of my day- sitting at 11:30 sipping a cappucino with lots of other people who all looked very important sitting at their laptops working. I sat there with my iphone and called my brother and my daughter. And I was NOT working.... That part felt pretty good, although I still have some guilt... I just realized that "quilt" and "guilt" are only one letter apart.

Speaking of guilt, I IMMed Lance to see how the office was doing. At least I lasted 24 hours. Did not speak with him but I also did not call anyone else. So I guess that is progress.

Tomorrow, at 4 am we start our adventure to Belize, and I can't wait. I will try to keep up my blogging, but fear that it may drop off if there are no internet cafes. But i will try.