Holy cow!

I forgot how much fun it is to take a puppy out into the pouring rain- or drizzle- or mud- which is our yard. And to have to take that puppy out about once every hour and a half-in between cleaning up small "mistakes", preventing the puppy from chewing up prized Michigan hats, cleaning food bowls, playing tug of war with a pretty chewed up rope toy, and cleaning up the many many spilled bowls of water. But it is all worth it for that great puppy breathe!

It just takes a lot of time. And I knew it was important today for me to get into the sewing room. I just finished two larger pieces that I have been working on for a while, and now only have one large piece that involves "stupid sewing" and another piece that has a lot of hand quilting. So far in the last month, I have not had to face that blank canvas since I have had lots to keep me busy- but today was the day.

I tossed and turned last night since I knew I had to go into my room today and start the design phase- which is the hardest to start. I ususally think about a piece for a while, do a few very rough sketches and then start looking at fabric. I have wanted to do another smaller piece on the relationship that my father has with his piano- another in that series- and I wanted to show the energy going from the piano into my father ( the comb).

Boy- was it a bust. I played around with scraps of fabric- organized the color scheme and knew after 4 hours that it was going no where. So I stopped. Oh- not 4 hours of uninterrupted time- 4 hours punctuated by about 10 Barley interruptions.

Tore everything apart after dinner and started again. This time I like where I am going better- it is simpler but changing some of my original idea. We will just have to see where it goes from here. But the important part is that I started. I might go in tomorrow morning and tear it all up again. Or not. We'll just have to see.
by JudyK