Music and quiet

Cough be damned!

I have had enough of this cold/virus and decided to try to make the best of it by spending the day working on a piece that has been hanging in my room for 4 weeks or so. I spent the day solving an intricate binding problem for one of the quilts that I pieced together. The quilt is another  cancer comb series but is  the 3rd in a series that combines a comb with elements of music- specifically the piano keyboard. You can see the first one below. Music Comb1

Music keeps my father sane- and his piano playing drives us all insane- although he has gotten much  better in his later years. My father is deaf in one ear- has been since the age of 8. But there is rarely a time when he is not listening to music, and a good Beethoven piano sonata can move him to tears. If the radio is not blaring classical music, it is only because it is blaring opera. It is probably one of the reasons that I never have the radio on in my house, that is, unless I am sewing.

While I was working on this piece today- I thought a lot about music and quiet.

At Grafik, I rarely work with music as a background, That is probably because I am constantly on the phone, in meetings or in conversation of some sort. But when I design, and now when I sew- I can not work without music. It is the very first thing I do when I go into my room- I switch on my ipod and listen to a wide variety of musical styles. Samba, flamenco, african rock, salsa, reggaton, hiphop, 70s oldies, blues. No opera- but an occasional musical when I miss Jody.

Just yesterday I discovered pandora.com
Everyone should check it out. What a totally great way to listen to music on the internet or on your phone.

On the other hand I love the peace and quiet of the house. So far I have not gotten tired of hearing nothing. I think it is probably a reaction to the energy and chaos that is sometimes Grafik.

But when it is time to sew- the music goes on- loud- and I am transported to a different world. I like it there.
by JudyK