Timing is everything

So while eveyone at Grafik sits in our conference room listening to a presentation defining Grafik I sit here at home trying to define myself. It is weird not being at the presentation, and even weirder not giving the presentation, but I take that as evidence of real growth- both in Grafik and in myself. So in someways, while it is natural to feel a little left out- I also feel tremendous pride.
I never had a coherent plan for Grafik. I started the business because I basically knew I did not want to work for anyone else. And the real secret to our success has been that I have always surrounded myself with creative talented smart people- who always delight me in the ways they approach problems. Whenever anyone asked about my 3,5,10 year plans- I looked blank and did not have a clue. And dumb luck works up to a point, but Grafik needs that focus and plan for us to get to the next level- that rallying cry and purpose that makes us come into work each day, that guides our decisions, informs our judgements, and reaffirms our mission. So while it is weird that I will be the last person in Grafik to hear the presentation about the firm, it is in a strange way fitting.

I do not believe this could have happened 3 or 5 years ago- the firm was not ready for it, and I was not ready for it. But timing is everything, and it is right and fitting that the next generation of Grafik, has the spotlight to mold and shape our growth for the next umpteen years. And I know that this generation will be wise enough to listen to voices from the next generation.

If we have learned anything from the lessons from Wall Street and Bear Stearns- it is that arrogance is not a shield that will protect you from anything except self-knowledge.  J
by JudyK