A Barley day

Only got to 2 hours of sewing today. Today was Barley's first vet appt- and it seemed to take all day. When we picked out Barley we noticed there was a little reddish area under one eye- a weepy eye- which we were told was probably just a bit of dust or chip in his eye. But no- instead it is a clogged tear duct that will probably need surgery- nothing serious- but cosmetically not the best- So one eye looks drippy-

So naturally being the perfectionist I am, I thought- oh my- we picked the wrong puppy- a defective puppy. That lasted for about 5 seconds when I looked at his adorable little face and really did not give a damn about a wet looking eye. Barley has captured our hearts in a short time period. But I also know I will obsess about it. But I will also get over it.

We took a great walk in Sligo Creek park- finally the weather cooperated and it was not like a great big cold cloud. And Barley stuck his paw in water for the first time. He did not love it or hate it- he was too fascinated by a daffodil that was moving in the breeze.

So today was just a day for collecting thoughts and stool samples. Tomorrow I do have to buckle down and finish a few projects and start to figure out which quilts I want to take to Ohio with me to present. If I can decide that tomorrow, that will be one thing I can take off my to-do list.
by JudyK