A busy body

I have been busy which is why I have not posted in a few days. I did the dreaded "switch over" from winter to summer clothing, which explains the cold snap that roared in. It is a job that I hate- but it is out of the way. And that freed my mind to concentrate on a piece I have been thinking about. Another comb, of course. But this one needed a lot of engineering. I really had to solve a construction problem, which took me all day Saturday, to do. Rather than write about it, I am going to do more detailed captions, since it makes more sense that way.
I am slowly calming down. I purposely did not write much last week and tried not to call in to Grafik since I was feeling like I was getting too involved and in danger of micro-managing from afar.

Have been spending tons of time with Barley. We go for one long walk each day in either Rock Creek or Sligo. He is totally crate trained and still not perfect in the house. But pretty darn good. I have been doing a good job of getting both or use on schedules. Speaking of which- have to get back upstairs and get more piecing done.

by JudyK