Worked hard today- probably put in a good 10 hours of sewing. Woke up really early- probably subconsciously supporting my parents as my dad underwent a procedure at 5:30 this morning... although the real reason may lie in the fact that David was snoring loud.
Spent the day wrestling back and forth between a struggle I often have with my pieces- reality vs abstraction. I normally start a new piece thinking more literal/pictorial- and somewhere along the way I veer towards more abstraction- I guess I find it more interesting. But there is always an emotional struggle between being literal vs. abstract. For instance- when I started this comb I dutifully counted the number of narrow teeth- 35 and the number of wide teeth- 25. And started to use that as a guide. Well, visually I was not happy with the effect- and yet it took me a while to make peace with that.

I also almost always start out with a more realistic comb shape, and then move away from that. Today that struggle was particularly strong, and at one point I abandoned the side of the comb completely.

I think I like the abstract combs better since the line quality is so much more interesting if I am not focused on making a comb that looks like a comb. And line quality is everything in quilting.

Today was also hard since it took me so long to figure out and sew strands of the "red tape". Tomorrow I will look at it again and assess.
by JudyK