Dog accidents.

Had a wonderful morning getting caught up on the Grafik positioning with Lynn, Hal, and Gregg. And I was so absorbed in what they were presenting that apparently I neglected Barley- who reminded me of his presence by having 2 accidents- one which Hal graciously cleaned up!

No accident.

I'm really pleased with all the work that has been done on the positioning and my hat is off to Cheryl, Lynn and Hal for tackling this project and doing it so so well. I like the Big Ass Thinking- especially since it does not refer directly to my big ass! But Big Thinking is a much stronger direction than "Don't settle". Much more positive and all encompassing. I can really get behind it... And I know how much deliberation went into every single word and phrase- and it shows. Thanks to everyone who helped us get to this point, and I look forward to seeing how this is expressed creatively.

Thursday was a total bust for my quilt making. I spent the entire day piecing a complicated series of lines- and I just could not make peace with it. Last night- before going to bed I knew it was wrong and took the entire piece apart. A wasted day and lots of wasted fabric.

This morning- before the Grafik team arrived I redid the entire right side of the quilt. I was working rather quickly, and in the process, one strip of fabric literally fell on my wall in a way that totally changed the feel of the quilt. It was just the tension that the piece needed. And it got me to thinking. About accidents in design.

I know so many of the designs I have worked on at Grafik sometimes were great because of an "accident" - a random placement that just gives a piece life. And the debate that ranges inside of me- "Can you take credit for the accidents that make a piece really work?" Part of me says that getting a composition the way you want it through deliberation has more merit than those that occur due to serendipity. And then the other part of me says that understanding that a random occurrence has merit is just as important as deliberate design. What do you think?

I know what did not work with the piece yesterday. It was too deliberate and forced and lacked the spontaneity that I was trying to achieve. Today, I think I got there. And some of it was by accident and some of it was by design.