Crow Barn first day

Well I am here and set up. Left Dc at 6 am and pretty much drove straight through- although I did have to stop at almost every single rest stop to take a break... must be nerves. But made it in pretty good time. At 4pm the doors of the barn opened up and we were allowed to set up our work spaces. I got my favorite corner space- which is somewhat private. And have started to meet the other 20 women- no men at all. In a few minutes we have dinner- where we have to introduce ourselves and talk about why we are doing this 2 week stint. I have taken a few shots and will try to update. So far I can not connect to the grafik server but I bet it has to do with the construction... at least I hope so.
We had dinner- lots of ladies- and each one that to introduce themselves. We have one lady from Alaska, a surprising number from Bethesda and lots from Michigan. In the middle of dinner Nancy announced that we have homework- which I just finished- to design a 12" square with a number of shapes. that was all the instructions- but it also had to be versatile- have NO idea what that means. But I just spent an hour sketching thoughts. I know from past experience that it is important not to create something overly complex. So I am going to have to keep all my ideas basic- or I will spend all my time constructing and little time designing.

So right now, besides being tired and missing my boys- I am nervous, excited, scared, and thrilled to stretch again. J

by JudyK