So what I figured out today is that I am getting to sew almost as much as when I was working, and my most productive time is still after dinner for 2-3 hours. It seems like I should be able to sew for 8 hours straight during the day, but today, at least, domestic chores intervened.
Some of this is by design.
On Tuesdays Sandra, our housekeeper comes- so I like to disappear a do errands. Today was a large food shopping- with stops at Trader Joes and Costco- but at least it was not on a Saturday- although it was surprisingly crowded.
And some of it is the weather.
It was lovely spending a spring day outside with Barley- much nicer than yesterday which was rainy and nasty. And today we had no "mishaps" inside. I was able to ease my conscience spending time outside by doing some gardening- and I did manage to get a good hour and a half in sewing.

I am not avoiding my sewing- I did tackle some color issues on the new piece. It was feeling to stark and blah- so I played around with some color backgrounds, re cut some stripes that were bugging me and generally did a few more compositional studies. And I even started to sew some pieces together... although I know the design is not there yet.

Sewing early- before a composition is done is dangerous. It often means extra ripping, doing over large areas that do not work. But sometimes I get frustrated with all the pieces of fabric and just need to piece some together to get an idea if I am going in the right direction.

And then back to domesticity- I made chicken cacchitore- according to Max's instructions to take out all the bones and make sure there is no skin... and the kid wants to know why he is dropping weight. I don't mind cooking dinner- at least not right now- but it might get old real quickly. But its a joy to cook leisurely- not rushing around after fighting rush hour.

So not a super productive sewing day- but a good bonding with Barley, shopping, cooking, gardening kind of day. Not too bad.