Finished a piece last night and I am pretty happy the way it turned out. It was not how I originally planned it, but it is one of those pieces that was changed by life around me. 
 So what happens to quilts when I am finished? That is the funny part. I normally spend months working on a piece although I normally work on 2-3 pieces at a time. This piece was started in January and I put the hanging strips on it last night. So after spending so much time on a piece, when I am done I photograph it, and then roll it up around a mailing tube, tie a strip of cloth around it and put it in a drawer. It is kind of bizarre to have an "intimate" relationship with a piece and then put it away.

I rarely hang pieces, some times because they are too emotional, sometimes because they are too large for my house or there is no wall space. I think I will probably hang this piece when I get back from the Nancy Crow workshop in May. I think it may be time to retire some of my chair quilts and put some new ones in their place.

I remember the first time I visited Nancy Crow's house I was surprised to see that only one of her pieces was hanging up. I think I understand that a bit more now.
by JudyK