Finding my voice

The house becomes almost too quiet in the rain. And that is when I miss the hub bub of Grafik. So while I like the silence, I also miss the interaction. There has to be a happy medium.

Still not there on the quilt, although I made some progress. I feel like it is looking good but missing emotion- an essential ingredient of my quilts. When I started out, like many others I made Nancy Crow wannabe quilts. They look nice- but they are not me- and they lack passion and energy- although one does make a nice bed quilt and I was able to learn how to cut free hand with a rotary cutter.

My first breakthrough quilt was about Anna Cohn, a friend of mine who is going blind. Actually, now she is blind. At the time she asked me if I would help her move in to her new apartment. She had been living there and had not unpacked. When I walked in I was struck by a wall she had had painted a bright apple green and in front of it were two bright red Eames chairs. It is an image I will not soon forget. Well- the weekend was hard- I had not realized how limited her sight was and it effected me a lot. I went into my studio and in a few days had my first Chair quilt. It goes from being somewhat realistic on the right to pixellated on the left to symbolize her blindness.

That was the first quilt that I did that was not a Nancy Crow knock-off. And the beginning of finding my own voice.