First two days

I have lots of catching up to do with the blog so I may have to combine a few days since the server was not cooperating. Thanks a million to richard and Fabio for getting this fixed! I actually missed writing.

Day one exercise was to construct 4 black and white constructions that used one motif, but the challenge was to not be able to see the motif. Each composition was about 24" x 24' . We worked pretty steadily-We arrived at the barn at 7 am, have a short instruction period at 9, work until lunch, and then work really until we are kicked out at 10:30. We have about 20 minutes for lunch and dinner and I find myself rushing back to the studio trying to finish my work.

Day two, we had to take one of the studies that we did and exaggerate it- still in just black and white. The finished piece had to be at least 4 feet- mine was about 3' x 9'.

by JudyK