Getting ready

The last few days have been spent getting ready for the upcoming trip to Ohio. The packing list is quite extensive and I have already packed the trunk of my car with over 100 yards of fabric, an ironing board, 50 yards of black cotton, many spools of thread and my tools. Still have so much to do. But tomorrow is another day!
I have been trying to figure out what quilts to take and in the process I have been looking back at where I was before my first Nancy Crow class and the progress that I have made.

WOW. I thought it was interesting to see what pieces I brought to "show", what pieces I made in Nancy's class and what the first piece I did looked like when I got back... so here it is....

Tomorrow I have to "audition" 6 quilts to take with me and prepare a 5 minute presentation. Speaking won't be hard. Showing the work will.

by JudyK