It has been a while since I blogged for some good reasons and for one not-so-good reason.

The good reasons:
1. I was traveling and could not get a connection. And I did not really have the time.
2. It was Passover in Brooklyn- where we are not allowed to use electricity or phones- for what seemed like an eternity.
3. I spent two days cooking for a friend of mine who has kidney cancer- and really had no time.
4. Convergent's tight crazed special project schedule stressed me out.
5. Barley needed attention.
And now the bad reason. 
My immediate family- not my mom or dad or sister, really think this blog is- well- how should I put it- self-indulgent. I even got an earful from some in-laws who were amused that I had a blog. All of a sudden I got paranoid and started to wonder if maybe this is grandiose, or self-important.

Blogs are like that  guess. They are electronic journals- maybe more public than most- but I have found that the public nature in a way forces me to think, be a bit more critical. But I also guess they are a bit self-important. My immediate family- most who have not read much of the blog since they think that they know everything there is to know about their mom or wife- think it is just my way of trying to be "hip". I stopped trying to be hip a long time ago. And I know I will never be hip to my kids, who love me but are amused by my antics.

So I stopped. For about 4 days. Then I figured Screw it! This sabbatical is for me- and this blog is for me- and maybe that does make it self-indulgent. But since they are not reading this... they will never know. :-)
by JudyK