Wash out- or how to pass time ( waste time) on a gloomy Monday

1. Decide you HAVE to wash your ironing board cover.2. Break your perfectly wonderful iron (expensive) by letting it fall when you are changing your ironing board cover to have it washed.3. Search online for 1/2 hour to find the best replacement for your iron.4. Put your newly washed cover on your board- only to have it rip.5. Search for and hour for your 18" x 49" (no not a standard size) cover. Start to by it and then figure you can go out tomorrow and get on and save on shipping.
6. Repeat step 5 four times when thinking about the hassles of going shopping.
7. Decide you have to rearrange all your fabric- over 100+ yards- into different bins for the workshop.
8. Take out 3 storage bins with wool and empty them to make room for the cottons.
9. Decide you don't really like those storage bins.
10. Go online and shop ( no waste another hour) for storage bins. 

11. In the process of unloading the storage bins, find a broken halogen lamp that is missing the glass disc and decide you have to find a replacement part. Not knowing the name of the glass disc ( since glass disc is NOT the name) waste another 1 1/2 hours looking at endless halogen lamp replacement websites- boy is there ever a market for good design there....
12. Go back to the sewing room and decide that you like the original way of organizing the fabric.
13. Transfer everything back to the way it was this morning.
14. Decide that you must make kasha with bowtie noodles for dinner.
15. Find out that you do not have any bow tie noodles.

16. In the process, decide that your pantry MUST be more organized.
17. Start to reorganize it and then come to your senses and use wagon wheel noodles instead.
18. Reconsider the ironing board cover and try to order online.
19. Computer freezes. Restart the computer.
20. Decide that the day is a total wash.- Imagine  what the day would have been like if I did not decide to wash my ironing board cover!