It is amazing how one day can have a mixture of highs and lows. 

High point
The high point- hearing my husband deliver an important paper and having it well received. In 32 years of being with David I have never heard him speak in public. I guess I made him too nervous. The one time I "spied" on him, was when he was teaching at George Washington and I caught the last 10 minutes of his presentation. Mostly what I remember is him being covered in chalk dust.

Yesterday was considerably different and so impressive. He spoke about polling in Arab and Muslim countries. And his talk was very controversial since he was lambasting 90% of the polling and conclusions that have been drawn from them.
And Max came as well- so while it cut into my sewing time it was well worth it! 

Low point
I got to some sewing last night and as I was about to come down to the computer to write, I read an email from one of our close friends. 

Kidney cancer. 

I sew all these quilts that have to do with cancer, and yet I feel so powerless in face of news like this. So I called my best friend, and after a 40 minute phone call I at least had a plan of attack to see how we could support them. But this damn disease is effecting so many people that I know. And it just seems like it strikes younger and younger. 

Todays point
Not sure if I will be able to write for a few days. We are off to Philly and Teaneck for the Passover holidays. We leave at noon and prepare to see both families. And of course have our marathon passover dinners that start at 9pm and end at 2am and start all over again. My reaction is also one of highs and lows. I love being with the family and getting to spend time with my sister inlaw. And I have mixed emotions there as well. I hate the strictness and formality- but also respect it and love the tradition. 

So probably will be offline until Tuesday when I have to start packing for Ohio! W00t! w00t!  or as Barley might say W00f ! W00f!
by JudyK