Days 3 and 4

Went into the studio on Wednesday  morning and decided that I hated the study that I did- the elongated one- so instead of being stuck working with it for the next 3 days I started on a totally new piece- an idea that i have been toying with for some time. Naturally this put me at a bit of  a disadvantage since in essence I was starting over again- but the idea of just doing design studies- without any emotional connection- just did not appeal to me. So I got in really early on Wednesday and created a new piece- which I like- but which is one that is completely technically challenging.

When I came back to the Crow barn this year I made a series of resolutions- and I have broken everyone of them. 
1. I would not rush through lunch and dinner. I think I have spent no more than 15 minutes eating.
2. I would not be the first one in and the last one out.- HAH! 
3. I would not do an overly complex piece that makes me pull my hair out.

Well- I broke that one as soon as I started this new piece.
Generally, pieces with curves are tecnically challenging, and pieces with straight likes are much easier to sew. Same goes for strips or grids. So take a look at my photos and you can imagine how relaxed I am.

So far the workshop is everything that I wanted. I am pushing myself very very hard to try new things and I am working crazy hours- essentially from 7-11 with 2 15 minute breaks. Plus you are basically climbing up and down step stools to pin things and there is no down time at all. But aside from missing Dave and Barley, and the kids- it is wonderful. 

I present my work to the full group tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.