True to form, Nancy gave us an exercise today at 12 that had to be completed in a day. We had to take 2 colors of fabric-2 22" X 22" blocks of each color, stack them and make 8 curvalinear cuts through the 4 blocks. We then had to reassemble the 4 blocks in a different configuration, sew them together and then take the 4 "new blocks and make another 8 curvalinear cuts. 
AGH!!! That is basically not only design but 64 curved seams that we had to sew- which is no mean feat- and then we had to assemble the 4 new blocks into another composition. This is totally not the kind of design that I am used to- but it was both a lesson in planning time, understanding not to do anything to technically complex and how not to lose your mind in an afternoon.