I know I am backdating this- it is Tuesday night and I have been getting in so late that I have not had a chance to write anything. So I will try to play catch up since I got home early tonight at 10:15.

Got into the barn on Sunday at 10 and we were able to work until 10:30. After having Saturday off it was great to get back into work. I spent some time on Saturday evening photographing string knots to get a sense of how string really lays. I probably shot about 30 little vignettes- God bless the iphone!

On Sunday I got in and started my second composition which had to be done in color and had to be at least 5' x 5'. I figured it was easier to start a fresh compostion than trying to just blow up my first study. It took be all day just to get a black and white version that I was happy with. And here it is Tuesday night and I am still fiddling with the curves and color balance. I wanted to get a head start since I know that Nancy was going to assign a curve exercise the next morning at 11. 

Trying to keep a cool head in this is the hardest challenge- followed closely by trying to get my brain to shut down at night so I can sleep. It is so hard to be stimulated with new ideas and then try to get a good night sleep- So far I have not been very successful. But I am happy!