The day from hell. First, I did not sleep well on Tuesday night- I tossed and turned and was starting to suffer from some sleep deprivation. I was really ready to get back to my major composition and I had also scheduled a private one on one critique with Nancy for that afternoon and was nervous. But mostly I was preoccupied with the health of a dear friend who was going into surgery, and truthfully my brain was at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland instead of in the Crow Barn in Baltimore Ohio.

So, I started off the day looking and working on my major piece and was having some thoughts that it was not working. I had some nagging doubts but just  pushed them aside. By noon I was pretty sure that it was not readying as well as the neutral piece and I ended up basically tearing apart my entire color composition that I had spent so much time on. I conferred with Nancy who agreed that my color palette was too simple and not sophisticated enough- so I reworked the entire piece. It was so hard to be so far i nto a piece and then totally rethink it- but in the end I think it was the right thing to do. It was like having a client tell me at blueline that we should rethink the concept!

So that really threw me a punch. And then I had my private tete a tete with Nancy. I picked 3 pieces for her to look at- my brown rusted dye pieces. And she gave me a really really hard crit. She felt that I was copping out and allowing the fabric to do the heavy lifting and that the composition of figure and ground was not pushed far enough, In some ways she felt that I had gone backwards during the year, although she said she thinks my knots are compositionally beautiful and really worth exploring deeply. So there I was, back to ground zero on so many levels.

I asked for and recieved a really tough critique, and not my job is to figure out what I agree with and what I do not, but truthfully she was able to get  to the heart of one of the questions that I have been asking myself. Am I just letting Annette's fabrics carry the show? Now the challenge is to push my own contribution further.

The day was also ard since I did not hear about Anne until 10:30, so between fretting about her and fretting about my work, the day had its share of tears. By the time WEdnesday night rolled around I was really ready to get back and focus and work harder.