I finished the last cancer quilt last night. And I do not think there will be any more comb quilts. Not 100% sure- but I feel like it is time to move on. And I have so many things I want to do with knots and curves and tangles.

It was hard finishing the last bit of stitching on the last cancer comb. Almost my way of saying goodbye to my father. Stitch by stitch. I have gotten so much comfort from doing the comb series, but each one is a reminder of a stage in my fathers battle with cancer. Each one, happy or serious depending on how his health was doing. And the last one is an exact mirror of the first large green comb quilt- same size, same comb, same border, except that the comb is fading into the background. 

Each day is a little harder, and a little easier. My father crops up at the most unexpected times. And that brings joy and sorrow, and a sense of loss that is most profound. 

So now, I am clearing the decks, and starting to get ready for Nancy’s workshop in three weeks. Finishing pieces that needed to be bound, organizing beautiful new dyed fabric from Annette, assessing where I have been this last year, what is good and what is not. I am taking a more critical eye this year- only taking 3-4 quilts. Only the good ones. The last cancer quilt will make it to Ohio.