Had a wonderful conversation with Alex in my office. Brilliant designer who eats lives and breathes both art and design. I was able to tell him some of my conflicts regarding color, line tension, and how a deliberate line sometimes loses its intensity. Scribbling is so unself-conscious unless you are actually trying to scribble- like I am. Somehow the quality of the line suffers- the energy is a bit diminished… Then when you actually try to sew it- it seems to lose that vitality even more. that’s why my scribble quilts feel more random- I am cutting into cloth with no planning.
Alex sent me this interesting site on futuristic graffitti- but I think it suffers from some of the same aliments my pieces have- too forced. Not as free. Beautiful- especially the monochromatic pieces. But lacking the energy you see in a child’s hand or even a gang tag.