Rosh Hashana

In so many areas we have to re-invent ourselves, re-invent businesses, re-invent relationships, re-invent holidays. People die, holes appear, and what worked no longer is the same.
Rosh Hashana 2009. Everyone around the table- all 16 people had lost a close family member or dear dear friend. Some lost two. So the holiday had to make way for a remembrance- a moment of mourning and a new beginning.
The trouble is that re-invention takes energy, time and focus- and I am not sure I can do it all at once- in my personal life, in my work life, in my emotional life. Re-inventing the private me, the public me, the boss lady me, the mom me, the daughter me, the wife me.
So the stress closes in- like a wall. Paralysis sets in, and nothing moves. And the harder I try, the more intransigent I feel.  But Rosh Hashana is about new begninngs, new starts, new efforts. Will the Shofar’s blow be a call to rebirth this year, or just another noise in the din?