Mending and nesting

Spent a quiet day with Dave, him recuperating. Me making endless pots of soup. So far I made some Vegetable soup ( my bubby’s recipe), lentil soup- and today kick ass bean soup. And I sewed… all day. Did not put on a bra. Took a shower at 8 pm and never changed from my pjs. It was splendid. And tomorrow I think I will finish piecing my latest knots. Hand quilted while we watched Michigan get beat and almost finished hand quilting Scribbles 2. Spent a hour trying to decide which Nancy Crow class to take- one in the spring or hold out for the master class a year from now…. or perhaps both.
It was a wonderful day. Quiet. Relaxing. Productive. Dave is healing. And now my freezer is brimming with containers of soup. Mending and nesting.