Ten years

Penny died ten years ago yesterday.
Ten years- a lifetime away- and just yesterday.
And tomorrow I get my colonoscopy in her honor. As if I am trying to make some sense out of a completely senseless death.
I am weary of cancer taking friends lives so easily. And family as well. Weary that there is no cure for a disease that ravages the young, like Penny, and the old like my father and now Dave’s father. Weary that it strikes so suddenly that it can snuff out a life in 2 days- like Penny- or be prolonged agony for 3 years- like my dad. And who knows how long for Jack…
I look at a photo of Penny,  every day. She is on my bedstand next to the photos of my surviving family. And every day is a little less painful. But still after ten years, one decade, 3640 days, I still miss her.