Veterans Day has never had a personal meaning to me- even though my dad served, and Dave’s dad served. And we know some people who served during Viet Namn. But it has never been personal- until Jamie- a best friend of Max- was deployed to Iraq. And all of a sudden it becomes so p.ersonal. Fears every time I hear of a bombing. Concern and love for Rob and Robin- Jamies parents, and of course Lindsay his wife. Wondering how they are holding up, each time they see a broadcast or read a news clip.
And I follow Jamie on Facebook, as much as I can without feeling like I am snooping around a site of one of my son’s friends. And I look for his posts, even if I do not read them since it gives me comfort that he is still alive. I check up on him from long distance, not wanting to embarrass him by posting, yet wanting him to know how much I care.
So I donate instead. To his favorite charity- The wounded warriors project-


Hoping that he will never ever need their help, and counting the months and days until he is back and “safe” at Camp Hood.