Less tired

For the first time in a couple of weeks I am not fighting to keep my eyes open. I have been feeling like I have been sleep walking through life- due to some medicine I was taking. I have been reduced to taking naps every afternoon and have been falling asleep at 8:30 every night…. which has its pros and cons. I don’t mind the naps but I hate not having enough energy to quilt or sew at night. And I really don’t like feeling that I am in a fog.
Meds are supposed to fix things, not cause other problems. But it sure seems that sometimes meds result in more problems than solutions. Not that we should do without them- but knowlege of side effects is far and few between.
Except for my pharmacist- Don, who I love. And who I would not trade for all the free drugs in the world. He knows me, He knows what I am on and he takes the time to explain drug interactions and side effects more than any doctor I know. So yesterday when I called him and asked him whether Lexapro could be contributing to my fatigue he was right there, with solid information.
And he was able to give me some objective confirmation of my doctor’s recommended treatment.
So today I am starting to feel more like myself- but calmer- More of my self with less anxiety- more without needing to yawn every two seconds. Wish me luck….