Photos of My family

I have so many photos of the Kirpich side of the family plastered all over the house- and relatively few of the Pollock side. Very simple explanation. The Pollock side visits almost always coincide with Jewish holidays, and the Kirpich side don’t. The inability to take photos over the holidays coupled with Dave and our ineptitude when it comes to actually using a camera- hah we don’t even own a digital camera- results in a lack of good photos of the other side of the family we love.
This weekend was a opportunity to connect on so many levels- and while we LOVE gathering around the holiday tables with the Pollock clan, we loved just walking and talking with the extended Pollock, Cohen, Kirpich, Wisemans in a setting that did not revolve around food and holidays… although there was still plenty of food fo course!

For me the highlight was having susie show me Chelsea Market and the Highline- and urban reuse project- while masterful- was not the only part that thrilled me. I loved seeing another part of Susie- in her element- that did not involve cabbage soup and brisket. I loved seeing how excited she was in the midst of the space- like me- a connection with great design- with the best of urban spaces. That was a real treat. And I even managed to snap a quick photo of her and Larry- even though she masterfully evaded my iphoto attempts.
And walking the city with Faye and Dror was lovely. And being able to see them was a super treat.

So all in all- a wonderful weekend, and a chance to experience other parts of my Pollock better half.