So strange to watch a game from the “regular seats” not in the parent section. Knowing some of the kids on the field, but not most of them. Still thrilling to watch, my voice getting hoarser and hoarser with each quarter and fumble. The Kettle Korn did not help and the Wolverines lost…. again.
But the silver lining…. at least I did not have to console ( or not console) a member of the team, walking by his side until he felt like talking. At least I did not commit a faux pas, no matter what I said. At least I was not the enemy.
And truthfully, that is worth the price of admission. Sure, I can no longer crow that my boy is a member of the team. But I can walk away after the game, and chat- not having to worry that I was crossing another boundary. Just two fans grumbling about another lost game.