Teaching Jack to blog

Learning to blog is easy. Learning to explore one’s emotions is so much harder. But I do not have to teach Jack how to do that- he is experienced in handling hard situations, and has always used words to get through tough times…. like his memoir- or in some ways his clumpchump series. It’s just now it is so much easier to write down those feelings- blogging.
Resistance to blogging. Hard to overcome- sometimes treated as a joke- sometimes dismissed. But for me- and I suspect Jack- it is a way to navigate through tough times- a way to express emotions that are sometimes repressed- but that need to get out. Sometimes too private to speak but too compelling to stay bottled up.
The Kirpich clan expresses emotions freely- sometimes too freely- where words can be barbs or arrows even if they are unintended. The Pollocks are the other extreme- dancing around issues, emotions, confrontations like they do not exist- even when they do.
Which is right? Which is the better way? Have no idea- do not care- does not matter. I just know that for me- and perhaps Jack- it is important to just get them down on paper- or on the screen- or out into thin air- so they do not weigh heavy on my chest- so they are free to inform those that want to be informed, or can be ignored by those that choose not to read.
Either way- Jack knows how to blog- and now he knows the mechanics behind it.