Tonight is not a machine sewing night. I tried. Tonight is a hand quilting night. A contemplative night. A sad night.

Roger died today. Not unexpected but a complete surprise at the same time. Luckily Lucinda and I saw him less than a week ago- in Milltown- in his surroundings, in his beloved Clarke County. Surrounded by Snow and Kristin and his beautiful house and mill.

And while his body was wasted, his mind was sharp as a tack, and we spent 3 hours with him joking, telling stories, sipping wine and nibbling on cheese. When Lucinda and I drove back, we were sure we would see him again. Not to be.

I tried sewing today- picking up on a piece that I started- a circle piece before I figured out my new technique. But the sound of the machine was jarring. I just needed silence. So I sat in front of the fire, Barley at my feet, Dave asleep in the couch with a book on his stomach- and I hand quilted. No music this time. Just thoughts of Roger. Missing him terribly.