Annette's box

Once or twice a year I get a huge wonderful box from Annette- the wonderful lady who dyes my cottons in Kennewich, WA. I send her swatches and ideas for fabric and she sends me back a huge treasure chest of beautiful cotton. And it comes with chocolate, tea and cocoa for my husband.

This time she dyed using Egyptian Cotton, more expensive but so worth the extra cost per yard. It has a luster and sheen that make all of the fabrics' colors have more depth. We have tried different kinds of experiments- like the ombre mottled purple that I LOVED, and she refused to charge me for since it was mottled. She has rusted fabrics for me, distressed fabrics, and done potato dextrin resists that are sheer poetry.

A quilter is nothing without good resources - good fabric that excites, inspires and pushes one to think of different color combinations.  Annette is the lady behind all these beauties. And thank heavens I found her.