Dave and I give each other 2 cards for every anniversary and every birthday- one silly one and one sappy one. This year I only got one sappy one… the reason being that he was in Cairo for 6 days before my birthday and I suspect he had little time to find an appropriate funny one.
But when I opened the envelope I thought, “What a lie.” as read the cover: For my beautiful Amazing wife. OK I can buy the amazing part. But beautiful has left the words describing me about 10 years ago. I look at photos of me and all I can see is 4 double chins, 50 extra pounds, bags under my eyes and grey hair. But the irony is that apart from cards we exchange, Dave is always telling me I am so cute or beautiful. I chalk it up to failing eyesight.
But it is comforting after all these years to know that my wonderful silly husband is still in love with me after 34 years. So while the latest card, complete with pink flocking and glitter- hardly a card to give to a designer- is hard on the eyes, and the prose is just a little overblown, I know that he does think I am amazing, and I feel the same about him.