Grand experiment

I am working at the beach tomorrow- no really working. I have a lot to do and did not want to take the day off- but Dave has off so I am going to see how much work I can really do here. In preparation, I worked aobut 5-6 hours over the weekend- just in case I had trouble concentrating... read some proposals, read and RFP, mostly routine stuff that I can do remotely- and can probably do quicker and more effectively.

So why do I feel so guilty?

I told Judy, my therapist, that I felt too guilty to take Monday off, did not want my staff to think I was not working hard. She laughed- even though therapists are not supposed to laugh too much I think. She said she had never met anyone who rides themself as hard I ride myself- that I really do not give myself too many breaks. And she is right.

I  promised her I would think about taking Monday as a vacation day- but I just am not ready. So a compromise- I will work at the beach and see what that is like. See if I can focus- if I am tempted to visit my sewing room, gaze at the birds, get up at a decent hour instead of 6 am.  See if working here harms my little getaway. A grand experiment. And a first step.