Line quality

I am still looking at more examples of urban art and wall tags. I think they are so close to improvisational quilting but just a different surface- and probably a different age group creating them! As I ride through DC neighborhoods I am  more in tune to these random pieces of art.

Art that has been celebrated the last 10-15 years or so- and certainly protected now by copyright. There are many examples of people appropriating graffiti and finally the artists who have been creating them are protecting their rights. I am very conscious of this as I study the lines, shapes and colors, trying to figure out how to make it work in my pieces- learning from the lines but not copying.

Why graffiti? Line quality. Energy. Fearless. Powerful. Not self-conscious. A Riot of colors and shapes that are angular, complex and at the same time soft. But I also see frustration, anger, powerlessness.... all emotions that sometimes resonate with me.

Now the supreme challenge- how to capture that in cloth- with seams and fabric- and with the constraints I have put on myself- no applique- all piecing. It is a marriage of emotion and engineering.