adding color amidst the snow

I have never seen snow like this before- except when I was 4 and the snow towered over my head.
Now the snow is blanketing everything- its quiet as people are not outside yet- it has been snowing hard for over 24 hours. But it's a great way for me to focus.
Last night I started to lay in some colors. I fooled around with the composition some more until about 10 and then I started to look at colors closer. Today in the snow, I started working with the fabric that will end up in the quilt. Annette's cottons. this time I had Annette dye with Egyptian cotton. The darker colors have a kind of sheen and it flattens out the mottling. I have decided that I like the Egyptian for some and like the 200 thread count for other colors- the mid tones.
And each time I cut into the fabric I put aside a little pile to order from Annette again. I definitely need some really blue purples and some periwinkles. My stash is out of those.