Back to work kind of

When is a snow day not a snow day? When you own part of the company. So while others might be free to frolic in the snow, I worried a bit. And worked a lot. I got lots done on a white paper I am writing- ironic that it's called a white paper- as I am surrounded by the white snow as far as the eye can see.
I worked on "real" work until 4 and then went out to shovel a bit of the white stuff. And then, I treated myself to a few hours sewing. I am still refining the upper right corner and think I know what to do tomorrow. Laying in the light blue has been a challenge and figuring out how to sew some of these pieces together had my brain hurting. 
This piece reminds me so much of Max and the drawings he used to do, elaborate pencil constructions or graffiti. He always did the same four letters C O P E... I think that is what the letters were. 
Tomorrow the government is closed again- which means my office is also closed. So I'll work some more in the morning and then give myself a little bit of a snow day.