Backgrounds and Leslie Riley

Played around with adding a darker turquoise to the outside edge last night. I also started to figure out the line work for the background. Every time that  start line work or colors for backgrounds I hear Leslie's voice in my mind.... telling me to make sure I have it figured out... as it is a critical part of the composition. And she was so right.
Leslie, an amazing quilter, has been in everyone of the Nancy Crow classes I have attended, and we have been car mates- Leslie walking from the B&B we always stay at, and me ferrying her home at night as the two of us close up the barn.  About two almost three years ago I was working on my first knot quilt and was about to start sewing the pieces together when Leslie asked me what I was going to do with the background. I was dumbfounded... Background? I had not even considered it. I thought I would just put a solid color and be done with it. Listening to Leslie's sage advice, I started to layer in some subtle colors- and truthfully it transformed this piece- but became a model for all of my further work. Sometime the pieces are color on color- like the piece I am working on now. And sometimes they are subtle color differences.
And every time that I am stuck I hear Leslie's voice in my ear. Reminding me to pay attention and not cop out.