Blocks of time

I love my husband, but Monday and Tuesday night when he went out to dinner with friends, I had a rare gift. Four straight hours alone in the house.  no one to feed. no dishes to clean. four hours of time in my sewing room.
Monday night. My first shape. Like it alot. I have found that I can not start a new piece unless I have a block of time. I need to close my door, put on my music and not be interrupted. So, I started. I wanted to cut as free form as possible, and started using some fairly cheap cotton. Later I switched to Kona- hating the feel of the cheap stuff even though I am just using black right now to mass.

Played around with this for a while but it just was not doing anything for me. By the end of the night I felt like there was only one successful shape- the first one. So I took everything down and left it on the wall for the day.

Tuesday night. Spent an hour studying some of the graffiti images that I have been collecting and started anew. Threw away the cheap cotton and just started playing in black with shapes. Like where it was going but knew that the weight of some of my lines were too weak next to some of the other shapes. 
Also started to see how outlines and color might influence the shapes. Got a bit freer with my lines and composition and tried really hard not to get caught up in how I would construct it. I know I can make beautiful edges- but first needed a much stronger composition. Fooled around for about 3 hours- adding fabric, taking it away- going through yards and yards of black kona. By the end of the night I took down the edging and peeled away some of the layers.

Wednesday night. Added a center line that needed a more fluid shape and started to extent some of the line work to wrap around other shapes. If you could see my design board you would see piece upon piece upon piece of cotton overlapping one and another to make the right curve.  Spent 3 hours in the room.

Here is where I am leaving it tonight. Like where I am going with some of the outlines... and know that I will add more. Have to start thinking in color but I find that I can not deal with the complexity of shapes and colors at the same time. I know I have a lot to still resolve but I am seeing the path it is starting to take.... and I like it.