Circling around

A wonderful few days of playing, thinking, reconfiguring, rethinking. The circle technique that I use is as close to Russian roulette as a quilter can come. And it makes it very hard to plan exactly what you are going to do. But I can do overall massing and then figure out the line work. But actually pinning long narrow lines or circles is a path to madness. So I kind of go back and forth. 
 Auditioned lines and colors. And finally decided to remove that large yellow blocks. I still have the option to put them back in. These colors are still outside of my comfort zone- but I am having fun pushing myself to work brighter. I just ordered more fabric from Annette- some of my darker colors...
Introduced some of the yellow and acid greens through circles. Lots of work still ahead. The circles each take about an hour to sew.... this is not fused- all machine pieced. It is a challenge but actually pretty calming until I have to cut a circle in the fabric and start again.