Finishing color and starting to sew

I was really having issues with some of the line forms and the colors last night. Along with the snow it kept me up all night- just not sure if what I was working on was really any good. Got up early Sunday morning and took down what I did, put up other color combinations, and then went back to what I started with with one substitution.
My "normal" color palette tends toward the dark- lots of shades of black, dark blue, and jewel tones rather than acid colors or primaries. That is one of the reasons that I am having such issues- these are color combinations that are achieving what I want- some tension- but they are colors that I am not practiced at using at all. I want to be like Leslie Riley- one of my compadres at Nany Crow's. No one uses color like Leslie- the most amazing color combinations that I have seen. I have worked near Leslie the last 4 times I have been to the Crow Barn- and each time I hope Leslie's influence will rub off on me!

But I decided to forge on- and once I started sewing the pieces together the colors started to make sense to me. It was wonderful to have 2 whole days to sew- and I can thank the snow for that.